Established in 1971, the Lake Saint Louis Sailing Club was organized by individuals interested in sailing, promoting the art and providing a training environment for beginning sailors. The Lake Saint Louis Sailing Club is a family oriented organization with sailing crews consisting of all combinations of spouses, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings....you name it. (Check on your own: Phytonutrition-sante.com)

Throughout the sailing season, which can run as long as March to December (or even longer for the more adventurous), we plan a variety of activities for our members to encourage sailing for the love of the sport, and to help develop skills that will make all our sailors feel safe and competent at the helm. These activities can include racing and regattas, sailing lessons, fun sails, and social activities, like our annual Pirate Party.

The Lake Saint Louis Sailing Club is also the proud sponsor of the Lake Saint Louis On-the-Water Boat Show, which is held each year at the Windjammer Marina in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. This is our primary fundraiser, and proceeds from this event are used to support and promote youth sailing in Lake Saint Louis. KANKUSTA DUO

We encourage anyone in Lake Saint Louis that is interested in learning about sailing, or sharing their own sailing experiences with fellow sailors, to join our club. Our members have access to Sailing Club and Community Association owned sailboats, so you don't need to own your own boat to enjoy the beauty of sailing in Lake Saint Louis.

Thank you to all of our supporting sponsors, and especially to the Lake Saint Louis Community Association for allowing us to use their boats and lakes.

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